Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Walt Disney World February 2013

 Photos from our recent trip to Walt Disney World. Unedited. Some via Instagram.
Port Orleans, French Quarter
Loved staying here. Quaint. Fun touches.

Fountains were everywhere on the property. On this piece of lawn in front of our building they showed movies in the evening. Complete with blankets.

Got to spend time with my dearest friend, Latisha and her amazing kiddos!

Ahhh...palm trees!
Lego World at Downtown Disney. Someone was in heaven. And saved up a ton of money to spend on Legos!

Breakfast with Mickey and the gang at Tusker House in Animal Kingdom.
Its a great buffet and I highly recommend it!

It was his birthday while we were there, so they brought him a cupcake. Love the Mickey sprinkles!

Lions in the Harambe safari in Animal Kingdom. One of the lioness is on top of the rock.

Its truly unreal how close you get the animals. Majestic and beautiful!

This ostrich thought this was a good spot to lay her eggs. What?! Its on the road. 
The eggs are huge!

A tiger. This one is in the Marahaja jungle trek. Another part of the Animal Kingdom.

A funny and very vibrant bird.

What we referred to as the Dr. Seuss flower. Fuzzy and vividly pink, they were stopping everyone in their tracks all over the park.

The birthday boy. He's seven. How did that happen?

More giraffes. These are in the savannah at Animal Kingdom Lodge. You can walk out of the lower part of the main house, Jambo house, and see all the animals.

Boma, the African buffet restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge has amazing food. Which is topped only by their desserts.

More food. Can you tell we had lots of good food? These are honey coriander chicken wings and pork dumplings at Ohana. Its a meal and entertainment in the Polynesian Resort at Disney World. Yum doesn't even touch the fabulousness of the food and service. I recommend this place as well!

The Magic Kingdom in the evening. I love how all the buildings are lit at night. Especially on Main Street USA.

By the end of the week it was pretty hot, so ice cream tasted good. Even better when its dipped in chocolate and shaped like Mickey Mouse!

A fountain on the back of Cinderella's Castle. Love the mice.

Cinderella's Castle. Beautiful. Sadly, it was under repairs and covered by a crane and basket. Glad I have many other photos, because if it was my only trip, I would have been very sad. Not sure even photoshop could help remove it.

E playing with Sorcerer's cards. Its an underground game all over the Magic Kingdom. You get cards that cast spells against the villians of Disney. The magic portals are all over the park and you need the special key card to unlock them. Interested? Go to the firehouse on Main Street USA and find out more.
The Beast's castle from Beauty and the Beast. We got reservations for Be Our Guest. And we were pumped because they are booked through August now!
Cranky gargoyle guarding the front gate.

"Try the grey stuff, its delicious! Don't believe me, ask the dishes!" Lumiere Be Our Guest
Oh yes, this is delicious. This was a very special treat brought only to our table because of E's birthday. They stamped the words onto the plate with chocolate!

The stunning ceiling in the ballroom. Perfectly recreated from the movie scene!
We ate in the West Wing. Where the Beast lives. Right in front of the magic rose!!

Stained glass in the castle.
The ambiance from the castle is truly unreal. The details are perfect and I won't ruin the fun of the suits of armor! But I will strongly advise against dinner without elaborating. Go for lunch. Same castle, sandwiches, and the amazing cupcakes. Its a line, but it moves quickly.

Cinderella's Castle at night. The changes colors all evening.

Our view of the Electric Lights Parade.
I love Pete's Dragon!

Wishes, the fireworks show.

And yes, the bakery in France at Epcot is worth four photos! The desserts where unreal and I cannot wait to go back and try more!!

The little man in Canada, embracing his Canadian side. He is just so darn cute in this one!

Epcot. Our last night. Its always so sad to leave. But we will be back in November!
Oh, and a couple more photos...this is Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom. Its a massive roller coaster and guess who wanted to go on it? Not me. E!
I got lucky and caught them on the way down!!! I should add arrows to this to point them out. E loved it and had do to it again! Brave kid. Crazy kid!



Beth Matson said...

Looks like a great way to spend a birthday. :)

Judy I, St. Louis MO said...

Looks like a lot of fun and lots of great food. What a super way to celebrate the little man's birthday.